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10 Great Gift Ideas for the Craft Lover!

Sep 12, 2020 11:02AM ● By John Gales
10 Great Gift Ideas for the Craft Lover [10 Images] Click Any Image To Expand

If there is one thing booze lovers can agree on, it’s that you can never have too much of a good thing. Missouri’s craft brewery and beverage industry just so happens to provide this. There are many wonderful breweries, wineries, and distilleries spread out across the state, but finding them all can be quite the hassle at times. Not to mention, not knowing what to buy for the beer or wine lover you know (or happen to be). These are the top 10 things a Missouri craft beverage lover has to have. 

4hands Pint Glass For The Beer Lover


Courtesy of 4hands Brewery 

The St. Louis institution 4hands Brewery is long known for its delightful artisan beers. The family friendly brewery has long cultivated an image of prestige with its craft selections, along with its participation in the nonprofit organization City Wide. This 4hands pint glass is perfect for those who enjoy a good craft beer or want to show support for local Missouri breweries.



Logboat Brewing Co 16 Oz. Insulted Hydro Pint 

Courtesy of Logboat Brewing Co

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Located on 504 Fay St., Columbia, Logboat Brewing Company boasts a wide range services, such as their inspirational taproom paneled with Elmwood Reclaimed Timber, their food trucks, and, most of all, famous brewery. Their commitment to supporting American companies reflects in their philosophy and beer making process. What better way to share in their excellence than one of their insulted hydro pint mugs, which keep your beer cold long.



KC Bier Local freshness T-Shirt

Courtesy of KC Bier

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 Hosting German-style craft beers, KC Bier has long been an industry standard in authenticity and fresh local flavor. The Kansas city brewery has been making splashes in the craft beverage scene since 2014 and is run by German immigrants. You too can celebrate that same proud German heritage with the KC Bier Local Freshness T-Shirt, available in multiple sizes and made with cotton polyester.


 Les Bourgeois Vineyards - Wood Les Bourgeois Wine Key

Courtesy of Les Bourgeois Vineyards

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Beer lovers aren’t the only ones who get to play. Missouri is also home to a wide range of beautiful and prestigious wineries for just about every type of wine lover in existence. And one such winery of high quality is Les Bourgeois Vineyards, located on 14020 West Hwy BB, Rocheport. Sporting many sweet, semi-sweet, dry, and collector’s wines, this winery has it all, on top of quality merchandise like their Wood Les Bourgeois Wine Key, which doubles as a corkscrew and bottle opener. Perfect for any wine fan.




Ozark Distillery - Moonshiner Shirt 

Courtesy of Ozark Distillery

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Some of the best spirits in Missouri are produced by Ozark Distillery in Osage Beach. They’re a small family-owned business that uses natural ingredients to produce spirits that are known for their sweet, smooth, and aromatic flavors, especially their staple Missouri Bourbon. Their merchandise like this Moonshiner shirt, which uses 50/50 Dryblend materials and comes in two colors and multiple sizes, is great at showing off local Missouri beverage pride. 


 Copper Run Distillery - Copper Run Candles

 Courtesy of Copper Run Distillery

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Copper Run Distillery is a hidden gem in Walnut Shade, Missouri. They produce a fine range of spirits, moonshine, whiskey, and rum, all made with an award-winning formula. Their signature barrel program attracts many across the state to take part in crafting their own barrel. Want the same award-winning aromas in your home? Try out their Copper Run candles, which come in four aromas (whiskey, moonshine, rum, and barley) and smell just like the distillery’s spirits.  

  Tom’s Town - Pendergast’s Royal Gold Bourbon 

Courtesy of Tom’s Town

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Tom’s Town is known for many things, most notably spirits with a luxuriously refined and mature look and taste. The beautiful design of each spirit invites and evokes curiosity and wonder. There’s a kind of magic on each sip that you just have to try to find out. One such spirit worthy of a king’s cabinet is their Pendergast’s Royal Gold Bourbon, etched with gorgeous art deco designs and highlighted by the gold warm bourbon inside.  



Mother’s Brewing Company - Mother’s Growler 

Courtesy of Mother’s Brewing Company

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Mother’s Brewing Company started with humble roots. Established in 2011, this brewery makes passionately crafted beers that evoke its namesake. They’re known for both their year round brews, as well as their limited special releases that only come out during certain seasons or events. What craft beer lover is complete without their own growler, like Mother’s Growler, which you can purchase via their online shop.


 St. James Winery - 2006 Norton

Courtesy of St. James Winery

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Wine lovers have frequently asked one question: what is the perfect wine. While absolute perfection may not exist, St. James Winery comes exceedingly close. Established in 1970, the St. James, Missouri institute has been making huge waves in the Missouri beverage industry for decades. Their fine selection of wines, from red and white to seasonal, rose, sparkling, and fruit, cater to the wine enthusiast’s delicate taste palate in ways almost unmatched. And their 2006 Norton wine is no exception, which can be purchased on their website here 


Mount Pleasant Winery - Norton Wine          

Courtesy of Mount Pleasant Estates

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Mount Pleasant’s contributions in the growing global wine industry cannot be understated. Established in 1859, Mount Pleasant is Augusta Appellation’s oldest winery, and has a vast and rich history to boot. Revived in 1966 after the vineyards were destroyed during prohibition, this winery has been producing some of the best Missouri has to offer for well over a century. You can taste a little of that history with their Norton Mount Pleasant red wine selection, available online on their website.



Missouri is a proud state known for its incredible breweries, distilleries, and wine vineyards. Its own craft beverage heritage is old and rich and just waiting for a craft beverage enthusiast to dive right in. This list should give anyone looking to further their enthusiasm and wet their taste buds enough to sip on.