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Friendship Brewing Company Celebrating a Lifetime of Friends and Beer

Sep 20, 2021 12:58PM ● By William Gray
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Friends Making Beer, Beer Making Friends. This is the official slogan of
Wentzville, MO’s Friendship Brewing Company, a paradise of brews, food, and
fun in St. Charles County. They bought an entire city block, allowing Friendship to
boast the largest outdoor beer garden in the St. Louis area. Friendship is a mustsee
for beer lovers all over the Midwest.

Brian Nolan has enjoyed a lifetime of beer. Growing up only blocks from an active brewery, Brian watched his father brew at home as a child.  Brian spent time studying in London during college. He was more interested in the classic English pub on the first floor of his apartment building than his own academics. Here, he sampled all sorts of traditional European beer styles, and his taste buds were never the same.  Brian claims to be the only college student in history to turn down a Keystone Light.


Brian ended up in the corporate world after college, where he stayed for decades.
Then came a blessing in disguise —the financial crisis of 2008.  Being laid off
from his corporate job meant the freedom to return to his lifelong dream; to make
a living brewing beer.  Brian withdrew the money from his 401k, rolled up his
sleeves, and got to work. Brewing has always been a bonding experience for Brian.  Even during his time doing corporate work, he could be found in a basement after hours with friends, trying to one-up their last homebrew.

 He decided to open Friendship Brewing Company in 2013 as a tribute to the friends that encouraged him every step. of the way.  It took three years of intense renovation for the brewery to be up to standards and open to the public.  Since its opening in 2016, it has been regarded as a top beer destination in its area and reached max brewing capacity after nine months of business.  None of this would have been possible without Brian’s hard work and dedication, but credit is also due to his skilled team.  His business partner, David Brewer, and his brew staff: Shawn, Bobby, Kent, Bob, Griff, and Kyle. 

 Brian wanted his brewery modeled after the cozy pub in London where his journey began. Fast forward to today and walking into Friendship’s indoor tasting room, you may forget which country you’re in.  Over 3,000 pieces of beer memorabilia decorate the interior of the historic building, and you’ll feel right at home thanks to Friendship’s warm and inviting staff.  The outdoor beer garden is lush and spacious and can accommodate large groups, families, and even dogs. The brewery partners with  The Caboose Kitchen, where guests can order staples such as wings, nachos, flatbreads, and wraps to enjoy with their beer. Friendship regularly hosts various events, such as live music, jam nights, and cornhole league.  Their indoor and outdoor space can even be rented out for private events. 



Friendship’s beer menu leaves little to be desired. With nearly 30 taps available, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Their current menu features 17 of Friendship’s own brews, including IPAs, Hefeweizens, Blond Ales, a Barleywine, even their own hard seltzer, in your choice of flavor.  Also available are four specialty beers of their own creation that offer something  new and intriguing for the experienced beer drinker.  The selection is rounded off with four crowd-pleasers from other breweries, such as PBR, Ace Pineapple, Classic Proper Cider, and Space Camper.  Friendship also serves wine and several canned and craft cocktails.  The bulk of their beer selection can be purchased in cans or growlers to enjoy elsewhere.


Friendship Brewing Company has big plans in the works.  Business has been so good that they’re
unable to keep up with requests for beer.  As a result, they’ve decided to expand and open an entirely new space in Flint Hill.  This space will have even more square footage with another tasting room and an outdoor beer garden.  This will increase their beer and seltzer production
capabilities and allow them to host larger events. In addition, the new facility will contain a distillery space, where they will begin distilling spirits such as vodka, gin, and whiskey. Be on the lookout for news about their brand new facility.

Brian Nolan wanted to create a space where people from different backgrounds could come and be friends, with beer as the uniting factor. Friendship Brewing Company has done just that, and so much more, becoming a staple for beer in Missouri. This three-time best brewery award-winning team has evolved from a dream to a full-fledged beer Mecca.  Beer lovers, make sure to check this one out, and go make some friends!

100 East Pitman Ave
Wentzville, MO 63385