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Prepare for Take Off at Last Flight Brewing in Jefferson City!

Dec 21, 2021 09:24AM ● By Darian Kaulahao
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Last Flight Brewing Company

Prepare for Take-Off




Last Flight Brewing Company made its maiden voyage in March of 2021 in Jefferson City. Its opening brought the community just what it needed — a brewery! From a carefully crafted beer menu to a cozy indoor atmosphere with outdoor green space and an inspiring story of family bonds, Last Flight is genuinely unique.


Last Flight’s founders Jared Cowley and Mark Cowley worked together at a family business for a decade. When the company was sold, “We had to decide if we wanted to get the same sort of corporate desk jobs we did for the family or if we wanted to try starting our own business doing something we loved,” said Jared. They decided to take a risk and work towards their dream, but they had their work cut out for them.


Although the idea of starting a brewery first came up in 2018, making it a reality seemed a long way off. It wasn’t until the middle of 2020 that renovations began on the place that would eventually become Last Flight Brewing Company, and a combination of inspection delays and COVID-related issues pushed the opening date all the way to 2021.


As excited as they were to get their dream ready for take-off, Jared and Mark had to sacrifice to make it happen; every extra moment they put into the brewery was a moment away from their wives and children. As Jared pointed out, “Starting a business is rewarding, but to get it off the ground, you have to put in a lot of hours and hope that it pays off in the long run.”



The two cousins had their minds on family every step of the way, not just when they had to be away from home.


They were born and raised in Jefferson City, and although they each moved away from their hometown for a while, they ultimately returned to settle down, start their families, and start realizing their dreams. After working with family, and for family, for so many years, they knew that they could depend on each other.

Last Flight Brewing Company offers a welcoming, family-friendly, dog-friendly space where people can relax and be themselves. Jared and Mark are creative souls who love the outlet that running the brewery offers them, and they hope to provide kindred spirits with the opportunity to try new things like local artists, different food trucks, and yoga.

When asked about the motivation behind establishing the business, Jared said, “We really enjoy creating something that makes people happy.” At Last Flight, they make people happy every single day.

Last Flight hopes to provide new and exciting experiences, and this starts with concocting flavors. There are sixteen different beers currently on tap, and they are planning to increase that number soon. Everyone can find something they like at Last Flight, and those looking to expand their horizons have all kinds of new beers to try out, as well.


It may have taken a few years to land, but the brewery has already made a name for itself in the short time since opening its doors. The Last Flight family is living the dream, and when you check it out for yourself, you’ll have a chance to share it with them.



738 Heisinger Road

Jefferson City, MO

(573) 606-3200