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Online Exclusive: Toast to a carefree season with Dog Master Distillery Summer Cocktails!

It’s the time of year for playing outdoors, in the park, on the water, or in your own backyard. Pack the picnic basket or light up the grill for a family cookout at home. Whatever your plans may be, celebrate all the wonderful things summer brings with a special cocktail made with Dogmaster Distillery spirits.  Please Drink responsibly and enjoy! 

Lighter Salty Dog 

Rim a Highball Glass with salt and fill with ice 


1 1/2-ounce DogMaster Vodka 

Fill the glass ½ with Grapefruit Juice and ½ with Grapefruit Soda 

Stir with a bar spoon to incorporate 

Garnish with a lime 


Use your Basil for something other than a Pesto Sauce 

Honey Whiskey Basil Lemonade 

Muddle a sprig of basil and ½ teaspoon of Honey in a Highball Glass 

Fill with ice 


1 ½ ounce DogMaster Whiskey 

Top with Lemonade 

Stir with a bar spoon to incorporate 

Garnish with a Lemon wheel 


Beer cocktails can be a fun refreshing way to beat the summertime heat

Here’s a nice Summer Beer Cocktail 

DogMaster’s Pineapple Rum Shandy 

Chill a 16-ounce beer glass 

1-ounce DogMaster Rum 

3 ounces Pineapple Juice 

Juice of ¼ Lemon 

Top with your favorite light beer 

Garnish with Lemon Wheel