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Wire Road - Brews More Than Beer in Battlefield

Jun 29, 2022 04:01PM ● By Jessica Wilmes
One of the newest additions to the Springfield area beer scene is Wire Road Brewing Company, where they infuse modern flair with traditional goodness. Wire Road opened its doors in January 2022 in Battlefield, MO, and pays homage to the town’s story by adopting its name from the historical Old Wire Road location


A historic route in Missouri and Arkansas, the Old Wire Road has for centuries served as an important thoroughfare for travelers, tycoons, hunters, and explorers alike. Initially a Native American route, it was later adopted as the Butterfield Overland Mail Route in 1858. Telegraph lines were laid in the 1860s, dubbing it Telegraph Road. Finally, with the decline of the telegraph and demand for pavement, the road became known as Old Wire Road.

Owners Kary Walker and Jeff Birchler embrace the road’s legends that have traveled with it through time. “The branding continues to be inspired by the local lore and history,” said Kary. “Our logo is even meant to loosely mimic a telegraph pole, and some of our signage may remind you of a road sign.” Elk Horn Porter, Sweeny’s Irish Red, Dreamspinner Dunkel, and Grand Champ Saison are all named for area mythology.

 Along with acknowledging Battlefield’s unique past, Wire Road is on a mission to bring something new to the craft beer crowd. They intend to broaden people’s palates who appreciate quality and simultaneously inform patrons about various beer styles. In that vein, head brewer Andy Pearsall is focused on customary techniques and maintaining the tradition of beer.

BEER 101

“Our Battlefield Bitter is an Extra Special Bitter (ESB). Keeping ‘bitter’ in the name required [learning] what an ESB was and that it was not actually an overly ‘bitter’ beer, just keeping true to history,” explains Kary. “We will continue to educate our patrons by keeping a wide variety of traditional beers on tap.” ESB is shorthand for “extra special bitter.” ESBs are English pale ales known for balance and the interaction between malt and hops. The residual malt and its defining sweetness are richly flavored and medium-bodied.

The brew squad also includes Ryan Quigg, assistant brewer and cellarman. With more than 10 rotating beer taps, the two keep busy perfecting new and old recipes. A top-seller is the Spirit Horse Hazy IPA, one they’ve already managed to brew more than 2,000 gallons of since opening.

Yet, unlike breweries with a high focus on IPAs, Wire Road is less driven by IBUs and more about providing a range of honestly brewed beers with traditional leanings. Other favorites include the Mueller Time Pilsner and Cool Hand Kolsch.

 “We put a lot of pride into creating a[n assortment] of brews, including some with very low IBUs, to invite those novice beer drinkers to give us a try,” says Kary. “Wire Road carries a surprisingly low IBU average - around 40 IBUs amongst our 15+ brews.” International Bitterness Units are a measure of bitterness. Wire Road’s IBU range allows customers to zero in on the flavor they enjoy most without being distracted by an aggressively bitter taste — if that’s not their preference.


Wire Road brews more than beer. They are just as serious about coffee. Cappuccinos, lattes, and nitro cold-brew coffees are available all morning. Sourcing beans from Battlefield’s own Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters, customers can come as early as 7am Wednesday through Friday for a caffeine fix. Wire Road Brewing has already secured its spot as a neighborhood hangout by mixing in a daily rotation of food trucks, live music, and a pet-friendly outdoor patio.

 “The craft beer scene has always been strong in the Springfield area, and it feels like it’s really taking off,” said Kary. “We have become great friends with folks from other area breweries, and it’s a very supportive community. We’ve tried to create a place where people love to hang out and drink good beer.” 

Wire Road Brewing

4453 S. Timbercreek Ave.

 Battlefield, MO 

(417) 512-7391