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Mo Craft Beer, Please - Where and how to find Craft Beer Events near you.

Jun 09, 2023 12:12PM ● By Benjamin Stange

Craft beer in Missouri is always something to celebrate, but this June, craft beer fans have even more to celebrate. It’s Show-Me Craft Beer Month.

Show-Me Craft Beer Month is a month full of special events, collaboration brews, and beer festivals in the state designed to celebrate craft beer, craft beer fans, and the positive impacts they have on the state of Missouri.

So, what are we celebrating, really? Well, according to the Brewer’s Association’s economic impact data from 2021, Missouri ranks 19th in the country for the highest number of craft breweries, with 163 craft breweries in the state. Combined, these breweries provide more than 8,500 jobs for Missourians and have an economic impact of more than 1.2 billion dollars. 

The Missouri Craft Brewers Guild believes this economic impact, and those behind it, deserve to be celebrated.

“Our goal for Show-Me Craft Beer Month is to not only talk about the significant economic impact of the craft beer industry in Missouri, but also to showcase the wildly talented, passionate brewers who pour their souls into making the very best product for our craft beer lovers. Craft breweries have become the community centers in their cities and towns. Our members not only share their innovative, delicious beers with consumers, but they also contribute back to their communities through donations, volunteerism, and job creation,” said Sherry Wohlgemuth, Executive Director of the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild.

A Little History

The Missouri Craft Brewers Guild was started by John McDonald, founder of Boulevard Brewing Company, and Dan Kopman, co-founder of the Saint Louis Brewery and Schlafly Beer. Originally founded to protect and promote craft beer here in the Show-Me state, the guild works with the state legislature to improve the business climate for craft brewers, but they also do the very important work of promoting the craft beer industry in the state. To that second end, they created the Show-Me Craft Beer Month.

The first Show-Me Craft Beer Month was in July 2019, shortly after the Guild selected their first executive director. Launched as part of a larger campaign to highlight the craft beer industry in Missouri, it soon took on a life of its own.

“It has evolved a bit over time into what we think will be the best Show-Me Craft Beer Month yet,” said Sherry.

How To Celebrate This Month

There are a ton of events lined up all over the state in June to celebrate, so it’s important to watch the social media of your local breweries and craft beer venues to see what events they are creating and lining up. “This year, we have several opportunities for craft beer enthusiasts to help celebrate with us. On June 7, participating breweries will release the second beer in our Missouri Loves Company® IPA Collaboration Series - a West Coast-style IPA. On June 14, craft beer fans should watch for special Show-Me Craft Beer Month beer flight specials going on throughout the state, and on June 21, craft beer lovers can collect the third annual Missouri Pint Day glass from their local participating breweries,” said Sherry.


Missouri Loves Company

The month wouldn’t be complete without a collaboration series beer, Missouri Loves Company. To be found at participating breweries and craft beer venues, the collaboration series started in 2020 as a way to raise funds for the Guild. The Guild members who participated got to brew a beer together, but they also got to share their stresses of the pandemic and the economic and emotional toll it was taking on their businesses. This unexpected therapeutic effect is how the beer got its name, and why it continues this year.

“That’s how the name of the collaboration came about – ‘Missouri Loves Company.’ The collaboration has since grown to more than 30 breweries participating and four different beers produced each year under the Missouri Loves Company brand. This year, we elected to stick to the style that our consumers love the most – IPAs,” said Sherry.

Logistically, producing a collaboration beer at this scale comes with its own challenges, but the participating breweries work together to share the process.

“Our four host breweries collaborated at the beginning of this year to decide what IPA variation they wanted to make at their brewery, and then all the participating breweries work together to develop the recipe for each variation. And, because these are one-time, small batch brews, we seem to have developed a nice fan base for the beers, too,” according to Sherry.

Take Flight, Missouri

While Craft Beer Month means all kinds of flight specials and events at your local breweries and venues, there are a couple more notable state-wide events to mention. First, on June 14th, there is a special flight event at your local venue.
“On June 14, select breweries across Missouri will have their most innovative and specialty beer styles included in a Show-Me Craft Beer Flight to benefit the Guild,” said Sherry.

In addition, you can pick up a very special Pint glass on Missouri Pint Day this June 21st. Each year, a new design is produced to celebrate craft beer and raise money for the Guild.

“This year’s design was created by Stacie Marshall of H!ll Design Company in Marshfield, MO. Stacie works with some of the craft breweries in Springfield on marketing and label design, and is very in tune with the craft beer scene. Our 2023 glass artwork features some familiar MO critters playing along with a personified hop cone and pint glass on their adventures in the Show-Me State.”

All fans have to do to get theirs is watch their local craft brewery’s social media and stop in to pick one up on June 21st.

Celebrate Our Craft

Ultimately, the Guild’s Show-Me Craft Beer Month is all about celebrating what makes Missouri craft beer special, and that is the people that make up the craft beer community, including the brewers, retailers, and fans.

“Missouri craft beer has deep roots and is well-known for its innovative and high-quality, award-winning beers. We have many breweries producing beers that have been honored on national and international stages alike. These small businesses not only provide jobs in their communities, but they also give back through charitable donations, volunteerism, and they drive important tourism dollars to their respective cities and towns. For these reasons and more, we believe Missouri is one of the best craft beer states in the United States,” said Sherry.

So, this June, Sherry would like to encourage craft beer fans to celebrate by supporting Missouri craft beer. 

“Expand your beer horizons and dive into all the wonderful and tasty things craft beer in the Show-Me State has to offer, whether it’s a new beer style you’ve never tried, or a new brewery you’ve never been to before. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all that Missouri craft beer brings to the table. Cheers!”

Benjamin Stange is a freelance writer specializing in craft beer and home brewing. He has been brewing his own beer since 2000. He lives in Springfield, Missouri with his family, who graciously tolerates his obsession with all things beer.