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BREWNEWS - New releases and other cool stuff...

Jul 25, 2023 02:15PM ● By Janani Varatharajan
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This week, 1220 Spirits and the Missouri Botanical Garden announced they are partnering to create a spirit: New World Gin. “New World gin merges classic juniper and coriander paired with a handpicked selection of locally grown botanicals,” the duo said in a statement. On the sip, it opens with bright citrus and bergamot notes that give way to floral flavors of elderflower and rose hips, finishing with subtle essences of calamus and echinacea.



Double Drop Friday is here with another installment in the Hazy IPA-No Problem series: No Shirt, No Problem! Brewed with Citra and Galaxy hops, it carries an orange juice aroma accompanied by a refreshing taste of pineapple and coconut.



Have you tried our newest pale ale, Junk Drawer? It’s brewed with a new delicious hop, McKenzie. It’s bright and fruity and an easy summer sipper. Available at the bar in pints and 4 packs to-go. 6% ABV - 40IBUs 



The Lemon Meringue Hop Tart is here! We took our favorite Ber- liner Weisse base with lactose and graham cracker, then we added lemon peel and Star Thistle honey. The result has the perfect sour zing and the soft sweetness of lemon meringue pie. You don’t need a fork for this slice of heaven, though. 



King OJ Run (10% ABV) is a Hazy Triple IPA double dry hopped with Citra, Galaxy, and Amarillo hops. A 16-ounce 4-pack and single cans are now available for purchase and online pickups exclusively at our retail shop. You can also enjoy Nelson’s Citra on draft at Cugino’s.



Check out the Chameleon Drink Spotlight: Our July Chameleon Menu is a summertime dream! This peach old fashioned is made with fresh muddled peaches, brown sugar, and Basil Hayden Toast.



Dortmunder Lager is a classic golden lager that’s malty like a helles, and hoppy like a pilsner, but a bit stronger than both at 5.6% ABV. Moderate bitterness and a clean finish make this a favorite. Pick up a 4-pack of cans or enjoy it from the tap for a limited time. Pairings? Try it with your favorite grilled eats this summer. 



Our newest blend of @drinkherbarium is now in cans! Elderflower and Lemon features elderflower, lemon balm, and lemon verbena grown by @flourish_farmstead plus a bit of organic lemon peel. It is floral, lemony, bubbly, and a little sweet!



The Good News German Pilsner is clean and crisp with a perfect balance of malt and hops. 




We are tapping TWO seasonal brews to celebrate the end of Show-Me Craft Beer Month! Taps 9 and 10 will now be flowing with our Golden Grapefruit Ale and our Barefoot Buzz Lemon Shandy. Both brews are light and refreshing, making them the perfect summer drink!



Three new brews are tapped and ready for you: After Hours Brewing Company offers Ruby Sunrise with strawberry, rhubarb, and basil Berliner Weisse; Strawberry Wheat; and Shirley Jr., a collaboration Hazy IPA with our great friends Beer Outside, brewed with Mosaic and New Zealand Wakatu hops creating a citrusy peachy haze. 



Five new beers are now on tap: Lapdog Baltic Porter, a full-bodied dark lager with chocolate and roasty flavors (7.0% ABV, 28 IBU); Missouri Sunshine, a Saision- style ale that is light, crisp, and dry with notes of citrus and black pepper (5.7% ABV, 22 IBU); NZ Pilz, a dry-hopped New Zealand style Pilsner with Riwaka and Pacific Jade (5.8% ABV, 28 IBU); Chilly Bird Hazy IPA, a Citra/Vic Secret/Cascade/ Mosaic hazy IPA that is very fruit forward from the hops (6.0% ABV, 30 IBU); and Burned Bridges, and American Strong ale with Amarillo and Simcoe that is aggressively hopped and bitter, it has strong malt backbone and a slightly sweet finish (8.0% ABV, 78 IBU). 




Toxic Rae-lationships is a Pineapple Rhu- barb Pie Sour (6.66%) that is a little bitter, a little sweet, a little dangerous—and then there’s the beer. Named for our BeerTend- er Rae, this beer brings new life to one of her favorite nostalgic desserts. The combination of bitter rhubarb and sweet pineapple over a bed of vanilla, cinnamon, and a biscuit malt to mimic pie crust com- poses the perfect warm-weather sipper. This beer pairs well with summer days and small-town gossip at grandma’s house.



Our new limited series release is Heim Beer, a Bohemian-Style Export Lager brewed with 100% Pilsner malt and spicy Saaz hops from the Czech Republic. This bier is crafted exclusively for J. Rieger & Co. to honor the Austrian-Bohemian heritage of the Heim Family, whose pre-Prohibition bottling plant is now the home of J. Rieger & Co. Distillery. Avail- able on draught and in 6 packs now in Missouri and Kansas, and available at the Bierhalle and at J. Rieger & Company 



A cloudy day like today calls for a Cloud Ceilings Hazy IPA. Cloud Ceilings is a 7.2% IPA with rounded qualities of tropical fruit and citrus rind, and a backbone riddled with qualities of mixed berries and lime. It’s brewed with Incognito and Cryo.


Shenanigator Blonde Ale is our twist on a traditional Blonde Ale. Rather than using Cal Ale yeast that would provide little to no yeast character, we used an East Coast IPA yeast called Coastal Haze Blend to add a little more character. Shenanigator has a hazy appearance with aromas and flavors of mango and a touch of pineapple. It weighs in at 5.1%—definitely a summer patio pounder!



Gold Dust Women is a hybrid New Zealand Pilsner made exclusively with Pink Boots blend and Nectaron hops. Coming in at 4.9%, expect a clean, crisp beer bursting with notes of pineapple, stone fruit, and citrus.



Day 1: W.T.F.O? Smoothie Sour— Strawberry Banana

Day 2: Phantom Chocolate Porter— Toasted Coconut

Day 3: The Might 8TH—Farmhouse Ale

 Day 4: Talon Watermelon Seltzer 




We are excited to make six brews available for carryout at the brewpub: Ozark Howler Black Lager, Classic American Wheat, Copperhead IPA, TCB Pale Ale, Common Folk Amber Lager, and Moonshine Beach Blonde Citrus-Ale. 



Missouri Waterfall, our light American ale, will be your ultimate summer savior when the heat is on. This refreshing brew, clocking in at a mere 4.3%, is here to rescue you from sweltering days with its crisp and quenching qualities. Our secret weapon? A perfectly balanced hop profile featuring the legendary cascade hops. Get ready to crush the heat, one delightful sip at a time! On tap now. 


4 BY 4

This is our Smashingly Good SMASH Cold IPA. What is a SMASH? This stands for single malt and single hop! Breaking a beer down to just one malt and one hop allows you to appreciate what each aspect brings to the table. What is a Cold IPA? This is an IPA that was brewed with lager yeasts at colder temps, which creates a very crisp taste. This is a great option for a hot summer day, which we’ve had a lot of lately! (ABV: 5.5, IBU 18) 



Trop it like it’s hot: Our favorite summer squeezonal is backkkkk! Tropical Squeeze is bursting with pineapple, mango, and passion fruit flavor. This taste of paradise is officially on tap and in 6 packs at the brewpub. 



There’s no taming the flavor and refreshment of a Wild Cobra. Our Ozarks original sour wheat ale gains a mildly funky complexity from a mixed culture fermentation on wild sacc and brett yeast strains. It gets wilder with massive amounts of raspberry for a fruitiness that slithers alongside the bright Citra hops.