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Tom's Town Distillery and the Kansas City Concrete Company

Feb 05, 2021 03:32PM ● By Jenifer Dale
Kansas City Concrete Company/Tom's Town Distillery [8 Images] Click Any Image To Expand

The Kansas City Concrete Company at Tom’s Town Distillery

At 1700 Main Street, in downtown KC, there is so much more than meets the eye. But that’s the whole purpose!  1700 Main Street is home of Tom’s Town distillery.  Maker of award-winning spirits including Vodka, Gin, Bourbon.  On the second floor of that beautiful building, you’ll find the Kansas City Concrete Company.  But don’t bring your building project plans or look for concrete haulers.  Instead, you’ll find delicious craft cocktails, incredible food, live jazz, all surrounded by a look that will take you back in time, open every Friday and Saturday night.  You will need an “appointment” with Mr. Pendergast if you want to attend. Just keep in mind that it's a "concrete company" NOT a speakeasy - just in case the police chief shows up! 

Tom’s Town is named after Tom Pendergast. During Prohibition, Tom Pendergast owned about forty-five companies ... anything to keep his coffers full and the people happy. One of those companies, The Kansas City Concrete Company, supplied the concrete for some of the great architectural and iconic sites in Kansas City including Municipal Auditorium, Brush Creek, and the downtown airport. But as with all things that Boss Tom was involved with, some of the monies in the bank account of Kansas City Concrete Co. just may have come from his many illicit and, in fact, unlawful "extracurricular" activities. But Mr. Pendergast didn’t care about the law, especially in the wettest town in America. He was the law. There were around 250 jazz clubs and speakeasies in Kansas City during Prohibition, and as “the Paris of the Plains” thrived, so did Mr. Pendergast’ s bank accounts.

When Tom’s Town distillery opened in January 2016, they were the first downtown Kansas City distillery (that’s legal) since Prohibition.  From the beginning Tom’s Town wanted to match the look, the style, the fun set in the time of Tom Pendergast and his reign of KC.  Of course, if you’re going to go for that, you better have the spirits to match it.  And match it they have.  Tom’s Town won best Craft Vodka Distillery in a USA Today Readers Choice award and their Corruption Gin was named one of the top 50 Gins in America! 


But let’s get back to the Kansas City Concrete company.  Gold, walnut, Fireplace, leather chairs, and a nice view of the Kaufman Center.  Great for an intimate date for drinks, a getaway from the kids’ dinner with your sweetie, or maybe a small group of friends or coworkers.  Upstairs they can entertain up to 200 people as well.



Drinks you can choose from include, Shoot the Messenger, Ransom Note, Pinky Blitz. the French Blonde, and can someone find out who the Angel of 12th street is?  Craft beer, and a nice wine list as well.  And the food?  How about Maryland Crab cakes, or the Pendergast Burger?  There are vegetarian choices and for small bites, a Charcuterie and Gourmet Cheese board. 


With COVID comes restrictions, and Tom’s Town is no different.  They follow all health and safety guidelines and have installed an air purification system.  Not to mention everything is wiped down and sanitized several times a day.  Marks are required for all employees and all employees are monitored for symptoms before every shift. 

So now that we’ve booked your Friday or Saturday for a visit to the Kansas City Concrete Company and Tom’s Town distillery, don’t forget to tell them BrewView MO sent you.  Oh, and say Hi to Tom if you happen to bump into him. 


 Tom’s Town Distillery

Kansas City Concrete Company

1700 Main Street

Kansas City, Missouri