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Craft Keepers — The Unsung Heroes: Better Than the Hair of That Dog Who Bit You!

Let’s face it. You know you’re going to like the place and the people that work there when you see they have a dog or a cat wandering the brewery, distillery, or winery. They fill critical roles. Official greeter, floor inspector for anything edible, critter catcher. So to give them their just accolades, here are Zeke, Pepper, Kima, Muddler, Tony, and Garfield, a few of the unsung heroes of the craft industry.  



2-year-old Domestic Medium Hair  

Kima is the official tour guide. She loves people, and every Saturday and Sunday, when giving tours, she seems to know exactly when a group of patrons comes in. She will go from person to person and make sure everyone has an opportunity to pet her. Kima likes to check the product is up to standards now and then.  


Meet Zeke  

9 years old  

Zeke has many demanding the Distillery Dog responsibilities at Missouri Beer Co., including floor inspections. He makes sure every last kernel of popcorn is picked up and occasionally samples the malt for freshness. Most importantly, Zeke loves to charm the ladies. Look at that face! Zeke belongs to Dave Johnson, owner of Mo Beer Co. Next time you are there, make sure to say “hi” to Zeke, oh yeah, and I guess Dave too.  

Pepper the Distillery Dog 

5 years old 

Pepper is a 5-year-old rescue terrier mix (aka mutt). She comes to work five days a week at J. Rieger & Co. Her duties include cleaning up any spilled grain by the mill and greeting guests on the tour route. Fun fact—the door placements between the office, production floor, and warehouse were specially designed so she would have the maximum square footage to roam in the distillery.  



12 years old  

Havanese Mix  

Meet Muddler, the distillery dog at DogMaster Distillers. Muddler was a senior adoption and found his forever home last year. When he is not busy meeting and greeting customers in the distillery tasting rooms, he keeps himself occupied by racing from nap to nap. That’s what all good old dogs should do.  



10 Months old  

Australian Shepherd  

This is Charlie. He is a mini Australian Shepherd. Right now his job is inspector general. He inspects EVERYTHING! And chews up pretty much anything he finds out of place— sticks, random pieces of cardboard, barrel bungs, bottle closures, and more.  


Tony and Garfield 

5-month-old Tabbies  

At Hold Fast Brewing, there are TWO brewery cats, Tony and Garfield. They live at the brewery full-time, and the staff and owners care for them. Tony and Garfield are two of a litter of seven from a mama kitty rescued nearby. All of their littermates and mom were adopted. Tony and Garfield are proud of their roles as brewery ambassadors