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Down to The Last Detail

Mar 24, 2022 03:08PM ● By THOMAS WEBER
At Just A Taste in Webb City,Missouri, you quickly learn to rely on the bartenders and servers. This skilled and dedicated group is passionate about the meal experience, leaving nothing to chance, reflecting the care put into the entire establishment.This attention to detail is evident as soon as you enter—the décor and ambiance create a unique experience that runs deeper than the restaurant’s name implies. Likewise, the menus reflect the same care and detail, and a guest could be forgiven for a brief moment of “choice paralysis” when faced with Just A Taste’s many options.
That’s where the skill and knowledge of the bartenders and servers prove invaluable, as they can guide guests to the specific dining room, bar, venue ,or club that will suit each best. They can also offer information about localMissouri winemaking, the sourcing of the meats and produce, and beverage pairings. 

Visit the Zinc City Tasting Room onSundays if brunch is your thing. The menu consists of fresh-grilled cuisine, an option you’ll find throughout all the dining rooms at Just A Taste. But if you’re looking for dinner, the place to start is Cackler’s Cafe. 
Cackler’s is cozy, intimate, and shares its same fresh-grilled menu selections, albeit with a dinner twist, as its bar-focused partner, Zinc City.Local meats grace well-designed plates, and again, the staff can offer a wealth of beverage pairing knowledge. If you have a large party, up to 20 people, you can reserve an attached larger room. 




The JAT bar is Just A Taste’s main cocktail bar, offering the finest spirits, drafts, bottled beer, and an exquisite wine selection. Even the most accomplished of palates will find something new, interesting, and delicious.Expert mixologists stand by to offer suggestions and education, so it’s a great opportunity to stray from your usual. There are no reservations at theJAT bar, reflecting its relaxed, inviting, and laid-back vibe. 

The vibe continues in Paddy O’Rourke’s Irish Pub, interpreted in a traditional, old-school look and feel. Wood and green glass create a milieu that demands a dark beer with a plate of fish and chips, ordered and picked up at the bar. It’s a very casual, no-reservations place.

The fresh-grilled ethos continues at Just A Taste’s sister location in St.James. The same attention to detail is fully displayed. From itsTop Shelf Room, which can be reserved for 25 to 200 guests, to its smaller Jefferson Cellar, with a capacity of two to twenty, the attentive service complements a delightful experience.

The Webb City location also has reservable rooms, with three options. Guests can select The Courtyard (opening February2022), the King Jack Event Center, or Paddy O’Rourke’s Pub, with group sizes ranging from 30 to 200. Each room has a particular feel and capabilities, which helps Just A Taste make everything, from the bachelorette party to the wedding reception, an awesome experience.
Just A Taste also hosts several clubs. Meeting quarterly at both locations, members of the Cocktail Club receive all the ingredients needed to craft their own cocktail creations. This quarter, owner Casey Stuck and Britt Giger have selected theManhattan, but you never know what will be next. You can learn about and try rare wines in their monthly Jefferson Club, discover the most dynamic Scotches in the quarterly Dram Club, or join other clubs devoted to newer wines and American whiskeys.There’s something for everyone to enjoy and share.
Owners Eric Taylor, a certified sommelier, and Casey Stuck, a wine chemist and mixologist narrate and write Just A Taste’s story. Their love of wine and food breathes life into the wood and walls. They also own and operate local vineyard Eagles’Landing, where they focus on showing the world what an organicMissouri grape can do. They bring sophistication, knowledge, and education to the business of making people happy. 
Underpinning that knowledge is a deep local love for the soil, farmers, grapes, and diners that make Just A Taste more than just another restaurant. As a result, you’ll leave Just A Taste’s restaurants and bars with more than just a full stomach—you’ll have memories you can’t wait to relive

Just A Taste
105 S Main St.
Webb City, MO 64870
(417) 673-9463