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DOUBLE SHIFT BREWING - Kansas City's Unique Crossroad of Great Beer and Culture

Oct 20, 2022 02:58PM ● By MERRELL WOOD
Located in the East Crossroads District of Kansas City, Double Shift Brewing Company is unique in many ways. "Our love for art, music, and culture has determined the path for Double Shift Brewing Company. Everyone that works here contributes their personality and interests. We take pride in the diversity that everyone brings to our team," says Jon Conway, the Head Brewer. Jon has a unique story all his own: he didn't attend the swelling rosters of brewing science programs multiplying across the country. While initially contributing his artistic flair as Double Shift Brewing's Head Graphic Designer, Jon eventually found a new canvas on the brew deck, becoming Head Brewer in 2018. In fact, Jon wasn't the only one who answered the call to transition to the brewing world. Both the name 'Double Shift' and the attitude of the taproom, which now boasts ten taps with anywhere between 10-14 selections, can be attributed initially to the founding member, Aaron Ogilvie. Aaron, a firefighter by trade and home brewer by night, admittedly didn't get much sleep during the remodeling and transformation of the space into what it is today. But if you ask the community now, it was well worth the seven year wait.


Double Shift Brewing opened in July of 2015 to much-awaited anticipation and fanfare, adding another destination to a community in search of great local craft beer. Equipped with an unparalleled work ethic and respect for tradition as the foundation behind Double Shift's groundwork, it didn't take long for the community to notice. "Focusing on traditional beers that are true to our style while injecting some personality and experimentation is the secret to our success,” says John. "Double Shift Brewing Company is a brewery that strives to be itself in a sea of breweries and remain true to the ideals of its employees and customers. Although, we do things our way to support our community, we aren't afraid of expressing ourselves. We always seek to do better and be better." While Double Shift Brewing may be best known for Tessellation, its Mosaic-hopped IPA, even the pickiest drinkers will easily find something to quench their thirst.


From tried-and-true Belgian styles like Three-Eyed Toad, a toasty and complex Belgian Tripel that packs a higher ABV punch, to Stones Throw, a delicate Gose brewed with plum and lemon peel, there is a personality on the menu matched to everyone in the room. If cider or wine is more your thing, choose from a wide variety of can and guest-tap offerings behind the bar featuring some local favorites. Apricot, almond seltzer, anyone? Whatever you decide to order from the bar, make sure you strike up a conversation with the friendly taproom staff while doing so. Jon explains that although the popularity of styles comes and goes, the stories behind the beer make Double Shift Brewing so unique.


Although the taproom space is not huge, it's by design. Seating up to 85 thirsty patrons, Double Shift encourages the customer to connect with the bar staff and each other by offering an intimate and cozy vibe. Double Shift's welcoming approach goes one step further by allowing its weekly mix of regulars and new customers alike to bring outside food into the taproom to enjoy while sipping on their latest offerings. Like something a lot? A rotating list of 16oz 4-pack to go canned varieties are always available in the taproom, including on-site filling services for 32oz  and 64oz vessels. Depending on when you stop by, you may even hear some mysterious sounds or catch a glimpse of a shadow or two. "Is it haunted? Several people will say yes," Jon remarked on the building's storied past.

Regardless of the reason for your visit, Double Shift Brewing ensures you'll feel right at home from the second you walk through the door by passionate beer enthusiasts living double lives. By day, they ponder only beer; they are artists, musicians, video game, and tattoo enthusiasts by night. Like their beer, they are plugged in—authentic as they come and hiding in plain sight

Double Shift Brewing

412 E 18th St.

Kansas City, MO 64108 

(816) 304-7028